In October 2018 we will start our big tour and offer the opportunity to sail with us at single or double occupancy per cabin. Please note that we emphasis participation in sailing and also in daily tasks including working as a team in the kitchen!

You will not find hidden additional costs like board spot, diesel, clearance costs and potential regatta fees with us:

PRICE PER WEEK FOR SINGLE OCCUPANCY/CABIN: EUR 1000,–/all inclusive on board
PRICE PER WEEK FOR DOUBLE OCCUPANCY/CABIN: EUR 1400,–/all inclusive on board
PRICE COMPLETE BOAT (max 8 people): EUR 4700,-/all inclusive on board

I believe that almost every human being anytime has the dream to just opt out of the regulated life. To immediately buy a boat and hurl oneself into an adventure is maybe not everyone’s cup of tea…
Therefore we offer the opportunity – especially on long stages – to book 1 cabin for a minimum of 3 months. You can then get familiar with the life of a „sailing nomad“ and actively witness the daily life of a blue water sailor. Some sailing experience and fitness is required. Just enquire.

EUR 500,–/on board all inclusive except alcohol, clearance costs and potential regatta fees


December 2018 to March 2019: Sailing in the Philippines with base Cebu
March 2019 to February 2020: Thailand and Malaysia west coast with base Phuket
February to March 2020: Phuket, Maldives, Port Sudan
April bis May 2020: Egypt, Suez Channel, Cyprus
June bis July 2020: Turkey
August – September 2020: Albania, Montenegro, Tunisia
October 2020: Balearic Islands, Gibraltar
November bis December 2020: Canary Islands, ARC Rally, Caribbean Islands
January bis April 2021: Caribbean Islands